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Part Details Brand Interface Function Classification Kit Classification For Use With Technology Featured Device Kit Name
AR1100 mTouch sensor controller module Microchip - - Module - - - -
Microchip, Analyzer CAN Bus Development Kit, APGDT002 Microchip CAN Bus - Development Kit - - - Analyzer
Microchip, PICtail Plus Ethernet Daughter Board for ENC28J60, AC164123 Microchip Ethernet - Daughter Board - - ENC28J60 PICtail Plus
Microchip, Ethernet Switch Giga Ethernet Switch for KSZ9477, KSZ9896, KSZ9897 for Ethernet Switch Evaluation Board
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Microchip Giga - Ethernet Switch Ethernet Switch Evaluation Board - KSZ9477, KSZ9896, KSZ9897 Ethernet Switch
Microchip, LIN Serial Analyzer LIN Bus Development Kit, APGDT001 Microchip LIN Bus - Development Kit - - - LIN Serial Analyzer
Microchip, PICkit Serial I2C Demonstration Board for PICkit Serial Analyser, PKSERIAL-I2C1 Microchip Serial I2C - Demonstration Board PICkit Serial Analyser - - PICkit
Microchip, PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit, DM320004-2 Microchip Ethernet - Starter Kit - - - PIC32
Microchip USB to UART Breakout Module for MCP2221, ADM00559 Microchip USB to UART - Breakout Module - - MCP2221 -
Microchip, Bus Montior CAN Bus Demonstration Board, MCP2515DM-BM Microchip CAN Bus - Demonstration Board - - - Bus Montior
Microchip, SMSC LAN8720 PHY Ethernet Daughter Board, AC320004-3 Microchip Ethernet - Daughter Board - - - SMSC LAN8720 PHY
Microchip, dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN STARTER KIT Development Kit for dsPIC33EV256GM106, DM330018 Microchip - - Development Kit - - dsPIC33EV256GM106 dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN STARTER KIT
Microchip USB to USBC Evaluation Kit for UTC2000, EVK-UTC2000 Microchip USB to USBC - Evaluation Kit - - UTC2000 -
Microchip, PICtail Plus WiFi Wireless Daughter Board, AC164136-4 Microchip Wireless - Daughter Board - - - PICtail Plus WiFi
Microchip, MCP25625 PICTail Plus Daughter Board CAN Bus Daughter Board for MCP25625 for Explorer 16, ADM00617 Microchip CAN Bus - Daughter Board Explorer 16 - MCP25625 MCP25625 PICTail Plus Daughter Board
Microchip, PICkit 28-Pin LIN Bus Demonstration Board, DM164130-3 Microchip LIN Bus - Demonstration Board - - - PICkit 28-Pin
Microchip, PIC32 Audio Daughter Board for AK7755, AC327755 Microchip Audio - Daughter Board - - AK7755 PIC32
Microchip Evaluation Board for LAN9514, EVB9514 Microchip - - Evaluation Board - - LAN9514 -
Microchip USB to RS232 Demonstration Board for MCP2200, MCP2200EV-VCP Microchip USB to RS232 - Demonstration Board - - MCP2200 -
Microchip, Hillstar GestIC Development Kit for MGC3130, DM160218 Microchip - - Development Kit - - MGC3130 Hillstar GestIC
Microchip, LAN9252 EtherCAT Ethernet Add On Board, EVB-LAN9252-PICTAIL Microchip Ethernet - Add On Board - - - LAN9252 EtherCAT
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