Pliers & Cutters

Pliers and wire cutters are handheld tools that most professionals and DIYers use regularly, this is because of the variety of jobs they can be used for. Various types of pliers and cutters are used for all manner of manipulation tasks including gripping, pulling, shearing, stripping and wire cutting. Pliers and cutters can be used across a number of industries, due to the variety of options with insulated pliers for electricians to stay safe and long nose pliers to get into hard to reach areas. Pliers are very robust with the jaws being forged into a gripping head, while the handles provide comfort.

Plier types available

There are many different types of plier sets including a number of pliers types within our range at RS from the leading brands. Common plier types include:Flat nose pliers - a common tool that can be used to bend and grip metal such as wires.Round nose pliers (including the rosary and chain nose pliers) - used in jewellery making, they have rounded tapered jaws.Long nose pliers (also called snipe nose or needle-nose pliers) - have a long tapered jaw making them ideal to grip small objects Locking pliers (also called mole grips) - designed for metalwork.Wire twisting pliers - allows for quick twisting and cutting of wires.Water pump/slip-joint pliers (also known as adjustable, arc joint, Channellock or pipe spanners) - ideal for holding and turning fasteners and fixings.Combination pliers - are multipurpose tools that have 3 separate areas so they can be used to grip, cut wires and strip insulation.Cutters - wire cutters designed for cutting various materials. Available with different jaw types such as diagonal cutters, for different finishes when cutting.

How are pliers used?

Most pairs of pliers are typically used for applying torque and/or shearing forces to components, fasteners and cables while providing a much firmer and more reliable grip than would be possible with just your hands.