Clamps & Vices

Browse our extensive range of quality clamps and vices. We have everything you need, from bench clamps and hand vices through to PCB vices and clamps. Need a replacement jaw or some new clamping fingers? Why not browse our range of vice and clamp accessories.

When do you use a clamp?

Clamps, occasionally known as cramps, are used as a way to quickly secure objects, usually in construction or woodworking, often using a bar to fix the objects in place, clamps are often used for oddly shaped workpieces. There are many types of clamps used for industrial, domestic or medical purposes including:

  • F-Clamps
  • G-Clamps
  • C-Clamps
  • Toggle clamps
  • Spring clamps
  • Sash clamps

When do you use a vice?

Vices are used for similar reasons to a clamp which is to secure objects in order for work to be done on them. There are many types of vices including:

  • Pin vice
  • Multi-angle vice
  • Workbench vice
  • Hand vices

We also stock a wide array of vice accessories such as vice jaws and clamp fingers to enable better grip of objects in your vice.