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Part Details Brand Contact Configuration Maximum Switching Current Maximum Switching Power Maximum Switching Voltage Contact Resistance Contact Material Maximum Release Time Operating Time Including Bounce Length Dimensions
SPST-NO PCB Reed Switch, 500mA 200V dc Assemtech SPST-NO 500mA 10W 200V dc 70mΩ - - - 46mm 2.54 (Dia.) x 46mm
SPCO FormC Reedswitch,0.25A 175V 20-30AT Cynergy3 SP-CO 250mA 5VA 175V ac/dc 100mΩ Rhodium 1ms 0.7ms - -
SPNO FormA Reedswitch,1.3A 250V 60-80AT Cynergy3 SP-NO 1.3A 80VA 250V ac/dc 80mΩ Rhodium 0.02ms 4ms - -
SPNO FormA Reedswitch,0.5A 150V 20-30AT Cynergy3 SP-NO 500mA 10VA 150V ac/dc 150mΩ Rhodium 0.05ms 2ms - -
SPNO FormA Reedswitch,0.5A 140V 18-32AT Assemtech SP-NO 500mA 10VA 200V dc 120mΩ Rhodium - - - -
SPNO FormA Reedswitch,0.1A 24V 15-20AT Cynergy3 SP-NO 100mA 1VA 24V ac/dc 150mΩ Rhodium 0.05ms 0.6ms - -
SPCO FormC Reedswitch,0.2A 30V 20-30AT Assemtech SP-CO 200mA 3VA 30V ac/dc 100mΩ Rhodium 0.5ms 1ms - -
SPNO FormA Reedswitch,1A 230V 20-30AT Assemtech SP-NO 1A 12VA 230V ac/dc 100mΩ Rhodium 0.1ms 0.5ms - -
Reed Switch, 500mA 200V dc Assemtech - 500mA 10W 200V dc 90mΩ - - - - -
SPCO FormC Reedswitch,1A 400V 60-70AT Assemtech SP-CO 1A 60VA 400V ac/dc 100mΩ Rhodium 0.15ms 0.5ms - -
SPNO FormA Reedswitch,0.5A 400V 20-30AT Assemtech SP-NO 500mA 10VA 400V ac/dc 150mΩ Rhodium 0.05ms 0.2ms - -
SPNO FormA Reedswitch,0.3A 100V 20-30AT Cynergy3 SP-NO 300mA 10VA 300V 150mΩ Rhodium 0.05ms 0.8ms - -
SPNO FormA Reedswitch,5A 250V 60-80AT Cynergy3 SP-NO 5A 250VA 250V ac/dc 100mΩ Rhodium 0.2ms 3.5ms - -
SPNO FormA Reedswitch,0.5A 200V 20-40AT Cynergy3 SP-NO 500mA 15VA 200V ac/dc 150mΩ Rhodium - 1ms - -
SPST Reed Switch, 500mA 140 V ac, 200 V dc Assemtech SPST 500mA 10W 140 V ac, 200 V dc 130mΩ Rhodium 30µs 0.25ms - -
SPNO FormA Reedswitch,0.5A 140V 20-30AT Assemtech SP-NO 500mA 6VA 140V ac/dc 150mΩ Rhodium 0.05ms 0.3ms - -
SPNO FormA Reedswitch,1A 250V 15-28AT Assemtech SP-NO 1A 30VA 250V ac 90mΩ Ruthenium 0.03ms 0.5ms - -
SPNO FormA Reedswitch,3A 1000V 60-70AT Assemtech SP-NO 3A 120VA 1000V ac/dc 80mΩ Rhodium 0.2ms 0.5ms - -
1 C/O Reed Switch, 250mA 100V dc Celduc 1 C/O 250mA 3VA 100V dc 120mΩ - - - - -
Reed switch 1 NO,120W,3A,250Vac. Celduc SP-NO 3A 120 VA, 120 W 250V ac 150mΩ Rhodium 0.2ms 0.5ms - -
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