Amplifiers & Comparators

RS offer an extensive range of high-quality amplifier ICs and comparators from leading industry brands. Our board mount components come in various input voltage ranges, pin counts, package and mounting types. Our semiconductor devices include the latest technology and development to enhance your existing spec or future design projects.

What are amplifiers and their uses?

Amplifiers are PCB mount devices that are used to increase the power of an input signal, commonly found in audio equipment. An amplifier works by drawing power from a power supply and then creating a separate larger signal that is high in amplitude but stays in line with the original audio signal characteristics.

Amplifier ICs are electrical components found in consumer devices including microphones, electric guitars and other musical instruments. They're also found in industrial applications, for example, RF amplifiers are used in RF control devices in process control systems.

What are comparators and their uses?

A comparator is an electronic component that works in a similar way to an amplifier. However, it differs in that instead of amplifying a signal, the component can take two inputs and match the output to the highest input level.

Comparators are often used to convert analogue to digital signals, converting music records to a digital version for example. In industrial applications, they can be found in null detectors, lever shifters and zero crossing detectors.

What are the different types of amplifiers and Comparators?

There are many different types of amplifier ICs and comparators available within our range. Some of the most popular types are;

  • Operational amplifiers - also known as op-amps, are a high gain amplifier that usually has a single output.
  • Instrumentation amplifiers - include buffer amplifiers and typically feature 3 op-amps in their design. They're used in various types of testing equipment.
  • Isolation amplifiers - are used as safety devices, as they protect against varying voltages that could damage the circuit components.
  • Comparators - common devices that are used to compare the input power of the signals that they're receiving and output a signal based on the one with the highest power.
  • Audio amplifier ICs - integrated circuits that contain a complete amplifier set up, achieving complex amplification in small devices.