Personal Protective Equipment and Site Safety

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Personal Protective Equipment

We are continually extending our personal protection clothing and equipment ranges, with latest innovative products from RS Pro and 3M, including a range of fall arrest equipment from the trusted DBI-SALA® and Protecta® brands, along with Peltor™ level-dependant earplugs and ProTac headset.

You'll find it easier to find the personal protection products you need too, with new selection guides and videos we have produced to help you make the right buying decision.

Featured: 3M Fall Protection

One of the biggest causes of workplace fatalities and injuries are falls from height, which can be from any distance likely to cause personal injury, so whether you’re a safety manager who takes great responsibility for the safety of your team, or an at height-worker, our new range of 3M Fall Protection provides the right equipment for all your needs, from full body harnesses and lanyards to beam anchors and decent & rescue devices.

Having the right equipment not only means you're safe, but can also improve productivity, as the latest DBI-SALA® and PROTECTA® full body harnesses from 3M have been designed and have a reputation for maximum comfort, freedom of movement and ease-of-use.

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Site Safety and Management

For all your site safety needs, we have a wide range including waste management to keep your site clean, through to safety signs, electrical lockouts and spill control kits, to keep your site safe.

Featured: Rubbermaid Site Safety Soltions

Latest introductions from Rubbermaid Commercial Products form the total site safety solution, from waste management covering the simplest waste bin to a comprehensive recycling system and site safety equipment, with an extended range of Floor Signs, Cones and Over-The-Spill systems to avoid slips and falls and secure areas in hazardous environments, through to a revolutionary new technology in air care—the Microburst® 3000, powered by the LumeCel™ rechargeable energy system. Like a solar panel capturing energy from the sun, LumeCel captures energy from any indoor light source. One LumeCel Rechargeable Energy Cell will last as long as 30 conventional alkaline batteries so staff will no longer need to purchase, store, replace and dispose of batteries. Easy to use, ready for use, right out of the box.

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